The events at our City Housing complex in the Durand this past weekend are disturbing to be sure.

The tenant who has been sharing his perspective on this incident and how it relates to a more prevailing theme of drugs and crime is one of our members of the new Safety and Security Task-Force representing 181 Jackson and 95 Hess.

This task-force, officially established by the CHH Board of Directors last month, will focus on bringing residents safety and security to the forefront. We will encourage tenants to share their views, and offer their ideas on how we can prevent these kinds of horrific incidents from occurring in the future.

In addition to tenants, the committee will be made up of CHH Chair, Brian McHattie, CHH staff and Hamilton Police Services Officers. Further, Durand residents will always be welcome and others in our city whose perspectives and experience will help bring our agenda along.

As Ward 2 Councillor, I strongly feel that no resident should live in fear. I hope that our collective work at these two CHH properties will set an example of both tenant engagement and bring a safe and secure outcome for all over time.

In advance of our first meeting, I would like to thank all stakeholders who will participate in this very worthy assignment.

Councillor Farr