Sustainable Transportation Options for the Neighbourhood.

Durand  in Ward 2, Kirkendall in Ward 1 and the residents of Ward 8 are currently undergoing a social marketing pilot project.  The City of Hamilton has developed a pilot project to   encourage motorists to consider sustainable  options of transportation.  Transportation Demand Management (TDM) refers to a suite of projects and programs designed to encourage reduced use of private automobiles in favour of car-pooling, working at home options, and moving to using transit, walking and cycling. The project here is being done to try to reduce the amount of traffic using the Queen Street Hill, in part to mitigate any back-up on the Hill that may occur as a result of the left-hand turn prohibition at Stanley.   The Durand Neighbourhood Association will  pay close attention to the cut through traffic that we may experience due to the changes on Stanley in the Kirkendall Neighbourhood.  For more information please see Hamilton Travel Survey – Spring 2012.

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