We accept and appreciate donations (in Canadian dollars) in any amount. Thank you!


A financial contribution can be used to help make our community a better place to live, work and play.

You or your organization can support the Association and its goals by providing a one-time or monthly donation to help cover the costs of tools like websites, advocacy and events.

The DNA is an incorporated not-for-profit organization, but is not a registered charity, and therefore, not eligible for a tax receipt.

or become an Event Sponsor

Become a sponsor

Sponsorship will entitle you to the following, where applicable:

  1. Your logo on all tickets;
  2. Your logo on all posters and post cards placed in retail outlets throughout Hamilton and surrounding communities;
  3. Your logo in the Durander newsletter;
  4. Your logo on event signage;
  5. Your logo on our website;
  6. Mention of your organization in all media releases, space and time permitting;
  7. Follow-up story in the Durander.

Also in appreciation, you will receive a special invitation to the event.

Annual events include, but are not limited to, Easter Egg Hunt, Movie Night, Pumpkin Patch and the Grand Durand Garden Tour held every 3 years.