The DNA hosts monthly meetings, with the exception of July and August, and stay current on issues in the Durand neighbourhood. We keep our members informed through newsletters and email blog broadcasts. We ensure that our resident’s opinions are known to our municipal government officials and City staff. Our current top priorities are as follows:

Planning & Development

Ensure future new development is in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood.

Jul-27-2017 Hamilton Durand

Seek opportunities for additional green space, IE alleyways.

Address property standards issues.

Advocate for affordable and diverse housing options.


Encourage heritage designation of properties and conservation districts.

Heritage and Streets Sign

Please see our Durand Lost Heritage poster which chronicles significant heritage buildings lost to demolition over the years.

Jul-27-2017 Hamilton Durand

Promote adaptive reuses.

Protect existing heritage.

Complete Streets

Advocate for safe streets for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Charlton or Herkimer with bike lane

Collaborate with the City for safer street design to protect our neighbourhood.

Community & Communication

Communicate with residents on Durand neighbourhood, Ward 2 and citywide issues and initiatives.

Respond to resident concerns.

Keep residents and local businesses informed through the Durand newsletter, known as the Durander, and social media avenues.


The Grand Durand Garden Tour, which the DNA hosts once every three years, is our main source of funding.

GDGT 2019 Poster

All proceeds go directly to benefiting the Durand community and funding our many high quality events.

Annual General Meeting

These include: Town Hall Meetings, Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Association Celebrations, 100 in 1 Day, All-Candidates Meetings, Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Events, Annual Movie Nights, Park Clean-Ups and Jane’s Walks.

Durand Movie Night 2019

NOTE – For ISSUES that have broad members’ interest and high importance, we may choose to start sub-committees. Currently, we have the following sub-committees: Membership, St. Mark’s Garden Team and Events. If any of these interest you click on Volunteer Application Form.