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Safe Streets and $1 million

Many Duranders talk about the issues of traffic in our neighbourhood:  Speeding, aggressive driving, near-accidents and accidents at high speed.  This year we have a chance to do something substantial about our streets, and the deadline for submissions is fast approaching.  Jason Farr has made $1 million available from Area Rating funds to address specific locations..

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Councillor Farr Reassures Duranders Following Weekend Vilolence at City Housing Complex.

The events at our City Housing complex in the Durand this past weekend are disturbing to be sure. The tenant who has been sharing his perspective on this incident and how it relates to a more prevailing theme of drugs and crime is one of our members of the new Safety and Security Task-Force representing..

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DNA Takes Unsightly Fire Escape to Planning Committee

The DNA recently dealt with the issue of an unsightly fire escape at 130 Herkimer and appeared before the planning committee as a delegation on Tuesday May 15th. Please see the presentation and the subsequent article in the Hamilton Spectator. See the DNA’s delegation to the planning committee See the  article in the Hamilton Spectator