The Durand Neighbourhood has had a very long history of public engagement in many heritage issues both in Durand and in our downtown community. Some of these include Central Public School, St Marks Church, the Bank of Montreal, the Carnegie Library and James Street Baptist Church.  Currently, the DNA heritage projects and issues include St Mark’s, Television City development and the Connolly, (James Street Baptist).   The DNA works with our ward councillor, city staff and defenders of built heritage to protect and advocate for the historic Durand neighbourhood. Our goals include protecting Durand’s heritage, encouraging heritage designation of historic properties and adaptive re-use of heritage buildings.

St. Mark’s –  Summary of Work and Phasing of the Project January 2018


  • 2012 Council directed staff to complete an in-house feasibility study for St. Mark’s Church to be used as a Cultural Programming Space to be administered by Whitehern Historic House and Gardens;
  • 2015 Council received study and directed staff to prepare a funding strategy;
  • 2016 Council approved the Capital Budget to begin Phase 1 Exterior Improvements;
  • 2017 Phase 1 construction began;
  • 2019 Phase 2 Interior Improvements scheduled to begin; and,
  • 2019-20120 Phase 3 Fit-up to be completed.

The Capital Budget funding for Phase 1 Exterior  approved was $680,000.  $280,000 to be provided by Canada 150 for a total of $980,000.  Area rating funds in the amount of $100,000 were provided for the roof during Participatory Budget ( Plan Local) in 2014.

Phase 2 and 3 costs are estimated to be $1.9 million;  funds from the sale of Charlton Hall ($1 million) were approved by Council to be directed for restoration Phase 2 and 3 costs.

The DNA  has been adamant that St Mark’s  be a city-wide community facility and to include free use by the DNA.  To secure use of St Mark’s , the DNA will organize volunteers to help with maintenance of the public gardens during the end of Phase 2 when landscaping is scheduled to begin.

St Mark’s Chronology 1988-2018

The Connolly (James Street Baptist)