Issues of community safety continue to be one of the greatest concerns for Durand residents. The Durand Neighbourhood Association has been working with  Hamilton Police Services to provide relevant information about criminal activity in our neighbourhood and to ensure better response from the police in our neighbourhood.

The following is a list of key police contacts for Durand residents:

  • In Case of Emergency – 911
  • Non Emergency Switchboard – 905-546-4925
  • Southtown Area Crime Manager – 
  • Division One Superintendent – Supt.
  • Chief of Police – 
  • Ward 2 Councillor – Jason Farr – 905 546-2711 –
  • Mayor – 

There are two ways that the Association is active in communicating the neighbourhood’s concerns to the police:

  •  Attendance of the Area Crime Manager at our monthly DNA Board Meetings
  • Representation to the Superintendent’s  Advisory Committee which  meets quarterly

The Southtown Area Crime Manager regularly attends DNA Board meetings so that they can provide us with timely information about crime  activity in our neighbourhood. In return, the Board members continue to communicate with the Crime Manager about ongoing and new problems in our community.

A member of the  Association’s Board of Directors sits on Division One Superintendent’s  Advisory Committee. This committee meets quarterly and is comprised of representatives of neighbourhood associations and business improvement areas within Division One boundaries. Currently,  the Association representative is Frances Murray.