Hello Duranders,

Hopefully you had a safe and fun Halloween and aren’t too candied out!  We have a few updates this week on the Heritage file.  If you haven’t already, please mark your calendars for our Annual General Meeting on Nov. 17th.

1 St. James Update

The property at 1 St James Place is again under threat of demolition.  The owner Victor Veri appeared  before the Permit Review Committee on October 27, 2015.   He  is now claiming “that this house must come down as it is filled with mould, moisture and dampness.” Following a lengthy hearing, Permit Review  recommended that the permit be denied.  Thank you to all those Duranders who joined us to show their support both for denying the demolition and  for  the support of the  residents living on St James Place who have had their quality of life disrupted.

1 St. James Place
1 St. James Place

This is just the beginning of the process.  Please continue your support in denying this application to demolish.  The next 2 meetings where we can have delegations are :

  •  Nov 26, 12 Noon – Heritage staff  will report their recommendations  to Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee
  •  Dec 1 – Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee will  then report to Planning Committee for ratification.

I will provide information on the process to present or send your delegation the week before the scheduled meetings.

Should this demolition be denied, the applicant Victor Veri can then proceed to the OMB.

It is important for all Duranders and heritage advocates to send a clear message that this behaviour to destroy the fabric of our neighbourhood will not be tolerated.  The Durand Neighbourhood Association is committed to preserving and conserving the Durand.  At our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) we will introduce a project that we hope that you can support to move us forward in protecting the character of our neighbourhood.  Please make sure to attend the AGM on Tuesday November 17th, 7pm YWCA Seniors Auditorium, MacNab Street South.

St. Marks Heritage Update

Despite past work to stabilize the failing structure — including $100,000 in roof repairs this year — the building remains without proper plumbing, heat or electricity. City staff will ask Councillors for permission Wednesday to come up with a funding plan. Read the full story in the Hamilton Spec article.
Please join us at General Issues Committee this Wednesday November 4th to attend the debate in Council Chambers.

Durand Annual General Meeting – Nov. 17, 2015 (7-9 pm)

The Durand Neighbourhood Association Annual General Meeting will be held November 17th 2015, from 7-9pm at the YWCA in the Seniors Auditorium.  Our feature presentation is a must attend as we are engaging in a very important project for our Durand Neighbourhood.  It is called Character Zoning.  This is an approach that will help us to protect and conserve our neighbourhood.  This is new for Hamilton; it will be groundbreaking for not only Durand but other neighbourhoods such as ours both in Hamilton and across the province.  We need your support and your engagement.