The Summer Durander Newsletteris here and its full of great content. It’s a fast read, but its best enjoyed with a morning coffee and a few minutes of time before you start your day!

In This Issue:

  • President’s Remarks
  • 100 in 1 Day on June 6th: Park Clean-up (9am),  Heritage Tours (12:30pm), Alleyway Tour (2pm) – all at Durand Park!
  • Building Hamilton’s Protected Cycling Network
  • Participatory Budget
  • Councillor’s Remarks
  • Crime Manager’s Report
  • Crime Mapping and Crime Tips
  • Durand Neighbourhood Clean Up
  • Heritage Watch
  • Help Your Durand Neighbourhood Association
  • St. Mark’s Heritage Update
  • SoBi Hamilton Bikeshare Rolls Out

100 in 1 Day – June 6th in the Durand and Accross the City

100in1_2015_FBOG_960x700Durand is a participant in 100 in 1 Day on June 6th, a festival of global citizen action. If you are interested in visiting some or all of the 100 urban interventions in Hamilton or would like more information on the event read about it in this urbanicity article.

If you would like to register your own urban intervention you can do so at, there are only a few days left to register!

The Durand is organizing some great events on the day that we encourage Duranders to participate in and spread the word:

Durand Park Clean-up – June 6th (9am to 12pm)

Every year, many Duranders support this very important clean-up that helps to improve our common spaces in the neighbourhood. Please meet us at Durand Park at 9am and help clean up the Park and surrounding areas. Gloves, garbage bags, and refreshments will be provided. All are welcome!

Event flyer – Durand clean up

Click here for full details

Durand Heritage Walk – June 6th (12:30pm – 1:30pm)

Join us right after the Durand Park clean-up for a tour of Durand Heritage sites, past and present.  This walking tour will begin at Durand Park and draw attention to some of the neighbourhood’s most important heritage assets. It will also highlight some of the sites that have been torn down for new development with mixed results. Like special neighbourhood’s in other Canadian cities, the Durand may one day become a heritage district. This tour aims to highlight why this is so important.

Click here for full details

Durand Alleyway Tour – June 6th (2pm to 4pm)

Meet at Durand Park at 2pm. The walk will be a journey through north-south alleyways west of Bay St., and east-west alleyways over to Queen St and possibly beyond.  These alleys are diverse but full of curiosities. They are part of the quiet backbone that makes the old city what it is.  Here backyard life is on display and an array of buildings and trees provide a calm pedestrian vantage from which or through which to enjoy the city, it’s greenery and to travel with less traffic.  This is public space, often charming, has so much possibility for meeting neighbours, art, playing, biking, travelling through, even just good old hanging out and listening to birds and cicadas in the summer.

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Durand in Pictures – June 6th (all day)

The Durand Neighbourhood Association is inviting all Duranders to come to Durand Park on June 6 between 9am and 12pm during the park cleanup intervention to share picture of the buildings and homes around the Durand neighbourhood, to share the connections we have with our building heritage in Durands. There will be a display showing beautiful historical Durand buildings that were torn down, as well.

You can also submit your pictures at:

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