Duranders, we’ve been asked for our project submissions and now is the time to vote for your top priorities. Help Spend $1 Million on Safer Streets in Your Community! Councillor Jason Farr has dedicated $1 million to improving street safety in your community and he needs your help! All Ward 2 residents, including kids, can vote for the safe street projects in their neighbourhoods. You can vote online at planlocal.ca/ward2/vote or in person at one of our voting stations.  This weekend, additional voting stations are available, including Durand Coffee and House of Java. Safe Street Projects The full list of projects is available on the PlanLocal website or at any voting station. Voting is open until Thursday, June 30th. Don’t delay, vote now and make your streets safer! CHARLTON/HERKIMER BIKE LANE INSTALLATION STARTS SUNDAY – Here are some important details

Hamilton, ON – June 23, 2016 – Starting the evening of Sunday June 26, the City of Hamilton will be installing bike lanes along Charlton Ave. and Herkimer St. between James St. S. and Dundurn St. The work involves the installation of new pavement markings and signs on both roads as well as minor improvements to the traffic signal at Charlton Ave. and James St. S.

The project is expected to progress westerly along Charlton Ave. starting at James St. S. and then moving to Herkimer St., starting at Dundurn St. and progressing easterly. The work is anticipated to be completed within two weeks, however available resources, inclement weather and on-street parking could impact timelines.

Temporary overnight parking restrictions will be in effect on road segments scheduled for painting that night (no parking overnight 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.). For road segments with parking on both sides of the road, parking will be permitted on one side of the road and then alternated the following evening. The temporary parking restrictions should only be in effect for two evenings at most per road segment. All efforts will be made to minimize the on-street parking impact during this work. Parking will be permitted throughout the day and on weekends as per parking signs.

All pavement marking work will take place overnight. While this work is generally not disruptive, residents may hear some activity while the work progresses. All other work, such as traffic sign installation, will take place during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

While all efforts will be made to minimize disruptions, the City of Hamilton’s Public Works department thanks the public for its patience and understanding during the completion of this work.