Hello Duranders,

The following is a note from Sarah Mayo who has been working on mobility issues and complete streets policies for the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton. Her analysis of the City’s Pedestrian Mobility Plan (presented to General Issues Committee on Nov. 6) as it relates to Complete Streets follows:

In general the Plan is very much aligned with a complete streets policy:

  • It calls a reversal in how our streets are designed, so if this plan is adopted, 1st consideration would be space for pedestrians and cyclists, then the leftover space would be for motor vehicles (instead of the reverse as it is currently). The Plan could be stronger in making a better argument about the economic development benefits of this kind of approach.
  • The main strategy in the plan is “Routine Accommodation”, which means that by default all road projects, including re-paving would make improvements for pedestrians. “Routine Accommodation” is  a boring term, but is actually the old name for Complete Streets before it was re-branded.
  • 36 specific “Countermeasures” are part of the plan. If these are implemented they will make big improvements for pedestrian safety and beautifying our streets.
  • A fairly detailed implementation plan is included.
  • Equity gets important attention in the plan, with a specific directive to focus particularly on improvements for pedestrians in areas within city’s neighbourhood development strategy.

So far the deputations about this plan (and a complete streets policy) for Wednesday’s General Issues Committee meeting will be:

–          Dave Stephens from Jamesville
–          Justin Jones, from Yes We Cannon
–          Sarah Mayo

It promises to be a very interesting debate at the General Issues Committee, I’ll be very interested to see Councillors reactions to this Plan. You may want to contact your councillor if you support this plan and you’re not sure that your councillor is on board


(If possible, please let Sarah know if you do so)

Please attend the GIC meeting if you have time. Here’s the agenda: http://www.hamilton.ca/CityDepartments/CorporateServices/Clerks/AgendaMinutes/GeneralIssues/2013/November6GeneralIssues.htm

Thanks for your interest and support on these important issues. And please don’t hesitate to write back or call if you have any questions.

Sara Mayo’s contact information:

Tel:          (905) 522-1148, Ext. 310
Fax:         (905) 522-9124
E-mail:     smayo@sprc.hamilton.on.ca
Website:  www.sprc.hamilton.on.ca
Address: 162 King William Street, Suite 103 (Entrance facing Walnut Street North), Hamilton, ON   L8R 3N9