Someone is spreading a nasty rumour that the DNA is behind a secret conspiracy to cut down all the trees in Durand Park. – NOT TRUE!

As part of the Durand Park Revitalization project, which begins this spring, the city’s forestry department will review all the trees in the Park.

Based on their assessment, trees that are in poor health, hazardous, suckering trees, dead, invasive or harmful to the environment will be removed.

As of recently, the City’s forestry department  has identified some Ash trees in the berm at the corner of Charlton and Park that have suffered the ravage of the Ash Borer and need to be taken down. As well, the dwarf pines in the same berm will be removed because they were meant to be shrubs and are now scraggy water sucking trees. Additionally, the trees that back onto the 2 houses on Charlton need be removed as the roots have eroded the retaining wall and the area has been deemed unsafe. The retaining wall will be rebuilt and new trees will be planted.

Please Note: Many New Trees are included in the revitalization and will be selected and planted as per landscape designs, yet to be finalized!!

These are positive developments for Durand Park and the “Users of Durand Park”

This issue and many other topics will be discussed at the DNA Board meeting taking place this Tuesday, May 14th at 7 pm, City Hall, Rooms 192/193.

Please feel free to attend and spread the word! We need engaged citizens.