This is short notice, but if you have some time tomorrow, Norman Kearney is looking for volunteers who could  help to promote the Participatory Budget Process  this Saturday morning at 9am in Front of City Hall.

Contact Norman Kearney if you can help out:

Norman M. Kearney
Founder & Facilitator, Participatory Budgeting Ward 2
267 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 1B9
Tel: 905.523.4444 x 112 | Web:

We meet in front of City Hall at 9am. I will distribute flyers
and registration forms. We will go door-to-door in the neighbourhoods where
there was no participation. We will collect phone numbers and email
addresses, and we will get people excited about the $1 million that they
control. Our goal is to get 20 people out per assembly next Wednesday. We
will follow up with residents by phone and email on Tuesday.

Residents can register online at

Thank you,