Durand residents deserve 21st century zoning that protects the character of their neighbourhood and facilitates good infill development.  For those of you who missed our Annual AGM on November 17, 2015 and the the introduction of the new Durand Character Zoning Project, click here for the presentation by our project consultants  Paul Shaker and Sonja Macdonald of Civic Plan.

On Thursday,November 26, 2015  in Council Chambers, the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee voted to deny the Heritage Permit application by parking lot developer Victor Veri to demolish 1 St James Place.  This will be forwarded to Planning Committee for their decision and then to Council for ratification.  The Durand Neighbourhood Association is of the opinion that both Planning and Council will accept the decision of Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee.  As Dr Mark Levine so aptly said “Round 1 to the residents!”

Thank you to all of the Duranders who came to support the residents of 1 St James Place and the DNA.  To  Dr Mark Levine and great grandaughter of Joseph Pigott Sr, Sarah Pierson White thank you especially for your very personal and  outstanding delegations to the HMHC.   After Sarah’s delegation, she received a round of applause.  In all of my years, this is the first time that I (Janice Brown) have been present to witness such a heart felt show of appreciation.

Here is the Durand’s delegation: Submission to HMHC 1 St James Place November 26, 2015