June 3 is the day for 100-in-1-Day initiatives throughout the city and in Durand, Chris Redmond of Durand Coffee is organizing a clean-up of Durand Park and alleyways throughout Durand.  Meet at the coffee shop (corner of Charlton and Caroline) at 9:30 a.m. on June 3 to get started with some hot delicious beverages and maps, then we’ll set out and pick up all trash and litter we can find in Durand Park and all over the neighbourhood. (Bags and gloves will be provided.)   It’s a fun way to meet your neighbours and spiff up the neighbourhood at the same time.   Here is the link for our event:  Click

For those who want to help to do some gardening in Durand Park (the weeds are doing very well with all of the rain), please bring garden gloves and your favourite garden tools.

See you Saturday!