Hi Duranders,

The Mayor sent the following message to our email address.  As you may know Graham Crawford created a poster of all organizations in Hamilton that support LRT, and we are proud that the Durand NA logo was one of the first on that poster.  Please read the important message from Mayor Fred Eisenberger below, and if you can, attend the rally at City Hall on April 15 to show your support for this project that will bring Hamilton into the 21st century.  Kitchener-Waterloo is on the verge of opening their LRT system and economic uplift is already occurring along their route (as it is along our LRT route).

Hi ,

Thank you for your ongoing support of the LRT project. Council has voted 52 times over 11 years, as you may know. We have 22 staff in the LRT Office working with 10 staff from Metrolinx.  Of note, all of Council voted crucially for the following things:

-the implementation of pages 44 and 45 of the Rapid Ready Report, which details the actions and budget. (except Councillor Jackson who was absent from that vote)

-Fostering the Light Rail Office (except Councillor’s Green and Collins who were absent)

-The Memorandum of Agreement with Metrolinx (except Councillor Collins who was opposed)

-Report PED16-073 spending money on the administration of the LRT office (except Councillor Collins who was opposed)

We voted to implement it and start spending the money, and that is what we will continue to do!

If you haven’t called your Councillor’s Office, I would suggest that you do if you have time. I would also invite you to join me Saturday, April 15th at noon in front of City Hall for a #yesLRT Rally and let’s keep going with our Council approved progressive transit strategy!




Fred Eisenberger
City of Hamilton