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Downtown Hamilton transportation issues as they relate to Duranders and all of the downtown area.

Livable Streets Vital to Downtown Neighbourhoods

This week Brian McHattie and Jason Farr will be putting forward a motion to convert one-way streets to two-way.  The DNA supports the motion and representatives will be attending the meeting on Thursday.   If you would like to express your support please email city clerk, Carolyn Biggs (, before noon tomorrow (Wednesday)!   The..

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Brian McHattie’s Motion for Two-Way Streets

The DNA is very excited to see that Brian McHattie has put forward a motion to convert one-way streets to two-way streets.  The full motion can be read here. The Downtown Transportation Master Plan is far behind schedule and it is high time council decides to act on its plans. The DNA is also pleased..

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Moving Forward on Two-Way Streets

There continues to be much discussion in the city on how to make our streets more pedestrian and business-friendly.  This weekend the Spectator ran an article  on the status of the one-way street conversions planned by the city in the Downtown Transportation Master Plan.  The article makes it clear that we are far behind our..

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Leading the way for Two-Way Streets

As you may have noticed, pressure is growing on the city to convert the speedy thoroughfares in our downtown into streets that are more pedestrian friendly. Many community members have been actively trying to get the city to convert the one-way streets to two-way.  Two-way streets reduce high speed traffic, create an environment that is..

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