There continues to be much discussion in the city on how to make our streets more pedestrian and business-friendly.  This weekend the Spectator ran an article  on the status of the one-way street conversions planned by the city in the Downtown Transportation Master Plan.  The article makes it clear that we are far behind our targets in this plan.

For a more detailed look at the Downtown Transportation Master Plan and its status, please see this post on Raise the Hammer.

Meanwhile, in the most recent issue of Urbanicity,  councillors were questioned on where they stand on  one-way street conversions.  While, many councillors didn’t respond, both Councillor Farr and McHattie seem to be in favour of the conversions.

In the Fall, the budget will be decided, so now is the time to start making the requests to council in order to finally see this issue addressed.  Take a moment to email Councillor Farr and express your concerns on this issue.  A proposal by John Neary on Raise the Hammer sets a fine example.