Upcoming Community Events

Community Land Trust – Public Launch Event (April 2)
How can we create positive community uses for under-used land in the core? Beasley Neighbourhood Association is hosting a meeting at LIUNA station on April 2 to launch the Hamilton Community Land Trust.  The event is Free, but please RSVP to allison@hamiltonclt.org.

Ward 2 Participatory Budget Launch Party (April 3)

Help launch a new year of PB in Ward 2 at City Hall – get all the details here

Restoration and Conservation of  Hamilton’s Built Heritage –
(April 8) – Please RSVP

Please join us on April 8th from 7pm -9pm
Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart StreetTo learn about the Restoration and Conservation of  Hamilton’s Built Heritage. See the attached poster for all details and forward to any you know who might be interested.

Please RSVP using the event registration page here.

Pedestrian Danger on Queen Street

Recent pedestrian injuries as a result of driver carlessness and poor intersection design have become a major issues at certain street intersections, especially Main and Queen Street. This raise the hammer article summarizes the main issue and call to action to help change Hamilton’s reputation for having the second-worst rate of injuries and deaths from automobile collisions with pedestrians in the province. We’re 43 percent more dangerous for pedestrians than the provincial average. Cycling is even worse: Hamilton is fully 81 percent more dangerous for cyclists than the provincial average.

Cannon Street Two-way Seperated Bike Facility Approved

The recent Council decision to approve the detailed design and implementation of the Cannon street bike lanes provides some hope that the City will be developing safer and more active trasnportation friendly streets in the near future, to help reduce the amount of cyclist and pedestrian inuries, while also reducing infrastructure costs and improving community health and economic prosperity.

Heritage update – James Street Baptist Church Demolition

 The Durand Neighbourhood Association letter to the Municipal Heritage Committee, the Permit Review Committee and heritage planning staff with questions about the process the city has followed in approving a permit to demolish two-thirds of James Street Baptist Church has received some traction. The DNA is still working with the City to get answers.