Duranders, please do not miss this opportunity to attend this lecture.

Ward 2 Community Council of which Durand is a member  are pleased to announce a very special presentation featuring Toronto Heritage Architect Catherine Nasmith.

The details: April 15th, Mills Hardware, 6:30pm.

The presentation is titled “Main Street Old Growth Forest”.  Please see the attached poster Please see the attached poater for all details regarding this informative lecture.

Seating is limited and to reserve your seat you must RSVP By emailing president@Durandna.com

Coyotes in Durand!
Coyotes have been seen  since the end of February.  They have been seen on the top of the Escarpment, top of Bay South, top of Turner, Chilton, Aberdeen and Markland.  Please take the time to see the material that Bill Dowd ( Durander)  of Skedaddle Wildlife has provided.


Bill has also advised that Coyotes and other wildlife issues will continue to increase as we move through the spring season. Please see the   recent article with some additional information.


Please review the Coyote Fact Sheet: Why Are Coyotes Here 03.24.15, for more details.