* REMINDER * Durand Traffic Issues – Community Input Required (and meeting on March 6th, be sure to attend)

The DNA is seeking input from it’s members on traffic and transportation issues in the neighborhood. We are using Democravise [UPDATE: the website is back up and running] to gather your comments online. Click on the link below and you will see all our neighborhood streets in the tabs at the top of the website. Click on all of these tabs to comment on traffic issues for each street, add an issue no one else has thought of, or up-vote an issue that you think is most important.

To provide feedback please click here.

Public Meeting on Traffic Issues

We will be discussing the traffic and transportation issues Duranders raise and more at our special public meeting on March 6th (City Hall, Room 192 at 7pm) – please RSVP.

Helping Fire Victims of the Pasadena Apartments Fire

Many Duranders must now know of the tragedy that struck the residents of the Pasadena Apartments last week.  Many are trying to get aid to these residents. At the bottom of this CBC article you can get a list of the different ways to donate to the residents including the Pheasant Plucker. However, the Durand and Councillor Farr are also looking to set up a way to donate.  If you would like to donate and want to find out the best way to do so, you can email president@durandna.com for more information.

Durand Crime and Home Safety Reminder

Be sure to safe guard your home and prevent theft – learn more about the issue  and how to ensure that you reduce the potential of a break and enter in the Safe Guard Hamilton information pamphlet.

James Street Baptist Church Could be demolished within a month

A recent article in the CBC outlines the updated demolition plan and provides some insight into the complex and controversial issue.