Durand Park

On Friday, staff from Forestry, Horticulture, and Parks, Councillor Farr and Janice Brown, member of the Durand Park committee, met to address maintenance of the park and replacement of large plant material as well as other issues. The Durand Neighbourhood Association continues to be the steward of Durand Park. We could not do this without the help of volunteers. As our only green space in Durand, it is important that we continue to maintain this oasis in the heart of our neighbourhood.

Here are the improvements that have happened, or are planned in the coming weeks:

  • Oak leaf hydrangeas and day lilies have been replaced and planted at the main entranceway inside the Park;
  • Grass in front of the main entranceway will be reseeded;
  • The pyramidal oak will be fertilized to encourage growth at the top, or it will ultimately be replaced if need be as it is still under warranty;
  • The large red maple in front of the two houses on the Park will be replaced;
  • The small redbud along the pathway will be replaced;
  • Small trees by the splash pad will be staked;
  • Dead branches on the larger trees will be removed;
  • Plant material under the trellis will be removed and new larger grasses will take their place;
  • A new safe accessibility ramp leading to the playground will be installed;
  • 3 new iron decorative garbage bins will be installed in appropriate places;
  • Our utility shed will be outfitted with shelving and hooks for much needed storage space, and
  • The berms will be sprayed with horticultural vinegar to help keep the thistles and other weeds down.

Also, beginning in late September our long-awaited washroom will be installed. This could not have happened without a very generous donation by a long standing member of the Association.

Please visit the Park as we continue to make this the best little park in the City. If you would like to volunteer and become a guerilla gardener in Durand Park, please email: jedbrown2009@gmail.com

And finally, to Kevin, our splash pad maintenance man who is in the Park every morning blowing the mulch out of the splash pad so our drains do not clog – THANK YOU!