On Thursday April 4th, plans for Durand Park Revitalization officially got underway with a PIC workshop/meeting.  The results of that formal meeting are attached.  Please click here to see the PDF file.

On Monday April 15th, a formal site meeting to begin next steps was held at Durand Park.  Our landscape architect and project manager H. T. Lam organized this meeting.  Invited were city staffs from Parks Maintenance and Forestry.
Forestry will review all the trees in the Park.  Based on their assessment, trees that are in poor health, hazardous, suckering trees, dead, invasive or harmful to the environment will be removed.

Please note that additional trees are included in the revitalization and will be selected and planted as per landscape designs. Parks Maintenance will address the poor condition of green space and make plans to improve surface grades and drainage currently used as open play space and the ice rink. Barren patches devoid of grass will be top dressed and seeded.  Unsafe holes will be filled and seeded.  Work would also include removal of the overgrown ground cover in the berm located on the northeast corner of the Park closest to Charlton Avenue and Park Street.

The existing timber retaining wall located behind the two existing houses (83 and 85) on Charlton will be replaced, the trees removed and a new stone retaining wall with drainage to protect the houses will be constructed.
This work is expected to take place beginning in spring 2013 and continuing through the summer, fall and winter.
This work is in preparation for the Landscaping Plans that H. T. Lam will produce.  The timeline currently for completion of all work is expected to be 2015.

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