Following our public meeting with the Traffic Department on March 6th, 2014, Durand’s Traffic Committee recommended the following suggestions to the City of Hamilton Transportation Department.  We are awaiting his response. Thank you to Board Member Jon Dalton for his work on this file.


Queen:  Top priority due to high accident rate.  Needs to be a two way street with one lane each direction and curb parking on both sides.   Short term (immediate):  Make parking permanent in east curb lane, install knock down sticks at Main intersection to reduce turning speeds.  Parking should be allowed on west curb lane as well.  These changes can be implemented with paint and signs at low cost.  Other changes:  Crossing is needed at Bold St.  Island / on-ramp intersection at Herkimer needs to be gone.  It should be a normal intersection.

Bay:  Keep bumpouts and make permanent.  Bike lane should go through bumpouts as per existing designs in UK.  While we would like to see all of Bay become two way, the bike lane should at least be bi-directional.  Stop sign at Duke to reduce speeding.  Narrowing needed on downhill section between Hunter and Main.

Main:  Wider sidewalks needed especially at bus stops (Queen, Hess, Caroline MacNab).  Allow parking in north curb lane to buffer pedestrians from speeding traffic.  Long term we need to make Main two way, but realize this will be fought tooth and nail.  This is no reason not to make it less lethal today.

James:  Curb parking to calm traffic and improve the business environment.  Removal of parking during two-way conversion was supposed to be temporary.Charlton:  Bike lane under design should be between sidewalk and parked cars.  Crosswalk needed at Charlton / Caroline intersection. Stop sign at Park St. to facilitate crossing to and from Durand Park.

Herkimer:  Bike lane should be between sidewalk and parked cars.  Queen / Herkimer interchange needs to be made safer.  Intersection at Bay needs traffic calming – start with knockdown sticks.

Markland:  Improve one way signage (we are told this is underway).  Speed bumps between Caroline and Queen.

Hess:  Complete the two way conversion – Jackson to King.

Short list of quick win projects – these should be within the scope of the City’s new traffic calming initiative:

Queen / Main intersection:  Block off turning lane with bollards, create safe zone for pedestrians.  Turn radius tight to slow right turners.  This should not be an issue for buses as I don’t believe any make this turn.

Queen / Herkimer intersection:  Use bollards to eliminate on-ramp turning and force normal intersection functionality.

New pedestrian crossings:  Queen at Bold, Caroline at Charlton.

Stop signs:  Bay at Duke, Charlton at Park.

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If you have any additional feedback, please contact us as soon as you can.


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