Cultural Heritage Planning Open House

Last week DNA President was mentioned in a CBC Hamilton article on Heritage planning, a process which aims to identify criteria and buildings that should remain standing because of their architectural, historical or social significance and might be worth designating as heritage properties.

30 Days to 30 K

The countdown is on! On Monday, August 12 – nearly 30 days from now – the City of Hamilton will introduce a reduced speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour on all roads in Hamilton’s North End Neighbourhood, with the exception of James and Burlington Streets. This measure is part of the implementation of the North End Traffic Management Plan; a five-year pilot project. The area covered by the pilot extends from the CN tracks north to the waterfront, west of Wellington Street.

The speed limit reduction is one of many approaches that will be used to calm traffic in the area that will support the goal of making the north end a child and family-friendly neighbourhood. The plan, which was developed in partnership with the North End Neighbourhood Association, features other traffic calming measures such as curb extensions, enhanced crosswalks, lane narrowing and additional street parking. The recent two-way conversion of MacNab Street was also part of this plan.

Signs will be installed and covered with bags over the next 30 days and will be unveiled on August 12th when the new speed limit goes into effect. These signs will advise motorists to reduce their speed in this area.

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