Councillor Farr addressed this issue as soon as he returned from holidays. He met with Delia McPhail, the City planner whose name appeared on notices that many of you received. He also met with the lead planner, Steve Robichaud.
Steve says, “the application is currently under review and until such time as the review has been completed, staff do not have a position on the application.”

This is good news Duranders as this application is in the very early stages. I suggest that we continue to push back. We do not want a 17 storey building. This is so far removed from Paikin’s original proposal that it is incomprehensible. For those of you who have emailed both Councillor Farr and the DNA, thank you!. Duranders who have not yet sent in their opposition to this proposal, please do so. We need to come together with a very strong voice. Make sure to copy the Durand with your objections.

Send your objections to the following:

Jason has also learned that Mr. Paikin has a public meeting planned for May (the 9th?) At Ryerson. This said, given the amount of feedback Jason has come home to, he will forward all correspondence to Mr Paikin and talk to him about the level of push-back from the Durand community

And he has stated that he will continue to keep the DNA apprised. He will also bring forth any other suggestions or thoughts that we all might have. So, please Duranders, get involved and send your emails objecting to this application. Lets stop it now!