Hi Duranders, we hope your summer is going well.  While most of us are enjoying our vacation, there is still a lot of action on the community front.  Here is a sample of important items:

Pedestrian Pilots in the downtown are gaining in popularity. Check out this Raise the Hammer article summarizing them all.

Cannon Street Bike Lanes Motion
Councillor Farr recently introduced a motion to build a 2-way bike facility on Cannon Street. This would create a buffered East-West bike corridor connecting the James Street GO station to the new stadium. There is a lot of momentum supporting this motion, as evidenced in this cbc article.

Gore Park Under Attack? The importance of the plaza in city life. See the Raise the Hammer article inspired by a trip to Italy.

Participatory Budget Voting
Vote on community projects – get all the information here

Participatory Budgeting Ward 2 (PBW2) aims to broaden, deepen, and sustain public deliberation and decision making over municipal fiscal policy. By providing opportunities for residents to learn and practice skills that empower them to effect change, PBW2 will contribute to enhancing the health and resilience of Hamilton’s economy and society.