Cannon Street Protected Bike Lanes

City Council approved a two way, protected bike facility for Cannon Street from Bay Street to Sherman Street last week.  Read the full story and see the visuals in an article by Justin Jones of the Yes We Cannon community group.

Participatory Budget: Review and Next Steps

The community led process to allocate 1 Million dollars of Ward 2 money to community projects has successfully wrapped up, with mixed results.  Most participants support the process and believe that it has great potential for the future. Organizers are already working on ways to improve the process.

JOIN the PBW2  Team!  Help build a more participatory democracy in Hamilton! 

Elections: Wednesday, September 11, 7:30pm

Central Presbyterian   (165 Charlton Ave. W.)
Elections will take place for the next planning and budgeting sessions.  The Durand Assembly will elect each of the following positions:
Assembly Organizer
Deputy Assembly Organizer
Governance Committee Member
Planning Committee Member
If you would like more information, please contact the Assembly Organizer at Below is the PBW2 link to see the full job descriptions of the above positions.