100 in 1 Day – Durand thank-you and Round up

Its been over a week and we finally have some great pictures and statistics on the big day! Thank-you to all Duranders, especially the 100 of you who came out to support our various activies including: the park clean-up, bee hotel making demonstration, Heritage Past and Present walking tour and the alleyway walk. As well, thanks to those of you who submitted photos for our Durand in Pictures and those of you who learnt about the SoBi Bikeshare program at Durand Park.

100 in 1 Day Hamilton

You joined over 5000 Hamiltonians who participated in 120 urban interventions that were taking place across the City.

Special thanks to Janice, Wes, Chris, Christine and Peter who helped make our June 6th events a great success. Janice and  Peter led the Heritage Walk, Wes led the SoBi demo and alleyway walk,  and last but not least, Chris and Christine worked hard to plan one of our most successful neighbourhood and park clean-ups ever. We would also like to thank the 30+ volunteers who helped make our clean-up so successful.  Thanks to all of you!

Here’s a roundup of some amazing urban interventions that took place across the city.

Check out this Projexity article on some of the best interventions that took place across the country.