1 St. James Place Heritage Victory

The city’s heritage committee endorsed a council motion to suspend the partial demolition of the art deco style house on St. James Place and designate the house as a heritage property. Owner Victor Veri, was escorted out of Council Chambers as he demanded the right to speak to councillors out of turn.

Pasadena Restoration is on track

The owners of the Pasadena have applied for their first permit to successfully restory the Parapet Walls on the exterior.  They also applied for a permit to begin work on taking out what can be salvaged from the inside, which will be challenging.  However they are doing their outmost to try to save the exterior and to bring the front entranceway back to the original.  All of the folks that they have hired are local.

Mudds Cafe Hosts Artistic Lunchtime Reading Workshops

Nucleus Theatre Group continues to invite all who are interested to attend lunchtime artistic reading workshops held Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12pm and 1pm at Mudds Coffee shop located at 144 James Street South (at Bold) in Hamilton.

There is no cost.  Drinks and food may be purchased by participants at Mudds during the session.

Copies of scripts are provided at the sessions, including plays, novels, short stories, and poetry.  During the month of May the group has covered works from Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, William Wycherly, Terrence McNally, Oscar Wilde, Norm Foster, Emily Bronte, Dylan Thomas, William Wordsworth, WH Auden, and George Farquhar.

Come down for an afternoon trip to Poe’s residence with a mischievous raven, on the moors with the desperate loner Heathcliffe expressing his passionate love for a ghost, in the courtyard as Romeo and Juliet share a moment of tragic passion, or with Dr. Faustus opening up to the sky in search of one last chance for redemption before the deal with the devil finally closes.

If interested please email organizer Peter Anderson at peter@classicaltheatre.ca, with any inquiries, or just show up!

Are you looking for something to do today?

Join your fellow Duranders for a BBQ & Yard Sale @ 155 Park Street this Saturday. Just come by and enjoy the beautiful day! BBQ and Yard Sale Details