Good Morning Duranders,

The Durand Neighbourhood Association is asking you to be very vigilant.  It appears the crime activity is heating up in the neighbourhood.  Durander Louise Chambers has just reported that her Black Cast Iron Urn has been stolen from her front porch.  She suspects thieves who have access to a truck to transport.  They just decided to remove the chains that were providing protection.  How unfortunate that this is necessary!

Smash and grabs from autos are also on the rise.Most recently I was advised of one at Markland and MacNab.  Please see Sgt Miscione’s report to us on this crime spree.

Hello Everyone,

We as police are very aware of this issue. For the past two nights including tonight we have put extra plain clothes officers into the Durand neighbourhood up until 07:00am. I have asked the beat officers to use all their authorities to stop and question people in the area that look like they might be acting suspicious.
I have personally told each and every uniformed police officer in the Central area on their pre-shift briefings that we are having these issues.
Hopefully we can get the person(s) responsible for this soon. Often times these types of crime spree’s are caused by a single person or small group of people looking to steal anything they can (even change or pens or anything in a vehicle) to feed a substance abuse problem.
The police will continue to monitor and actively patrol the Durand neighbourhood during the night time hours. feel free to contact me if you have any information. Please continue to encourage your neighbours to report all crime no matter how minor. For  a crime in progress don’t hesitate to call 911. For non emergent calls or to report a crime after the fact you can call (905) 546-4925.

Sgt Frank Miscione #754
Division 10 Crime Manager
155 King William St
Hamilton, On. L8R-1A7
(905) 540-6074