Hello Duranders,

Here are a few updates since the last newsletter and blog post. Olivia, who is nurturing her alleyway pollinator garden, was invited to showcase her 3- D image of her “pollinator garden” this past week at the city-wide 2014 – Chase your Dream Festival

Congratulations Olivia! Please visit Olivia at our 45th DNA Anniversary Party in the Park June 24th. She would be delighted to share her experiences with you. And to those Duranders who sent offers to help Olivia with supplies, a great big Thank You.olivia 2

Central Public School

Not only will Olivia be on hand at our 45th celebration, but Mrs. Bower’s Grade 4/5 class will be presenting a display titled “Then and Now” featuring Central Public School. As many of you know, this is the first graded school in Ontario. Central Public School opened in 1853 with 12 classrooms and 1000 students!

Did you attend Central Public? Do you know of anyone who did? Spread the word and make sure to visit this booth on June 24, 2017 Durand Park. We have photos, newspaper clippings, and anniversary celebrations dating back to 1853 right up to the present day.

Durand Built Heritage Inventory

The Durand Built Heritage Inventory staff report will be presented to the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee (HMHC) on May 18, 2017 for approval. If approved, this report will then go to the Planning Committee and then to Council.

For additional information on Durand Inventory and the staff recommendations: https://www.hamilton.ca/city-planning/heritage-properties/hamilton-built-heritage-inventory-process

Town Hall Meeting:  May 17

Medallion Development Corporation will be on hand to present their plans for the property located at Duke, Bold and MacNab. Currently there are five low rise apartments located on this site. Your voice matters! Please make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Town Hall Meeting Wednesday May 17, 2017, Old Football Hall of Fame Auditorium, behind City Hall. Doors open at 6:30. Presentation 7pm-9pm.

Postcard Towers (Conflicted copy from DESKTOP-DESIGNE on 2017-05-04) (1)-page-001

Postcard Towers (Conflicted copy from DESKTOP-DESIGNE on 2017-05-04) (1)-page-002

Street Signs!

Look for new street signs for our two Heritage Conservation Districts. (Durand Markland and MacNab-Charles).  During the 2014 Participatory Budget process, signage was approved for each of the neighbourhoods in Ward 2. With our funding allocation, we choose to feature and bring attention to our heritage districts. Thank you to board member Geoff Roche who designed our signs.

We are hoping that the installation will occur in time for our 45th Anniversary Celebration June 24, 2017 Durand Park. We have carriage rides planned for a portion of the Durand Markland Heritage District. Make sure to take part in this featured activity. We will be providing a commentary along with the ride!

Heritage district street sign Model (2)