How do we balance new growth in Durand with existing neighbourhood character?

 Tell Us What You Think with the Durand Character Survey

 Hey Duranders! The Durand Neighbourhood Association wants to know what you think about the look and feel of our community.

 As part of our Durand Neighbourhood Character Project, we’d like you to fill out a short survey about your community. What factors, such as building height, parking and landscaping, do you like or dislike about your street. Your input will help us better understand what the citizens of this community value about the building design in our neighbourhood.

 People in your community are taking the survey today, click here to take it now.

 You may already have seen your fellow Duranders out on our neighbourhood streets recording details about local buildings. Our project partner, Civicplan, has designed a street audit tool that a team of Duranders used to collect information about the character of streets all around the neighbourhood. These audits and your surveys will work together to help us better understand what we love about the factors that define our neighbourhood and this information will help shape community planning decisions in Durand moving forward.

 For more information about the project, visit