Hello Everyone and a great big thank you!

To all those Duranders and community neighbours that helped the Durand Neighbourhood Association celebrate its 40th Anniversary,  your Executive says a great big thank you.  The weather cooperated…it must have been all those sun dances that I performed while checking our daily weather forecasts. The energy in Durand Park was awesome. As part of our revitalization plans for Durand Park, it was our intention to provide fun activities that brought families, seniors, pets, and the community to the park….it is obviously working…..and there will be more to come….as we begin public consultation in 2013 for major improvements to our one and only park…the Durand Park!  Stay tuned and be a part of this process….it is for you!

To Sarah, Claudia, Anders, Alfred, Linda, Frances , Jon and Dennis (the DNA Executive)….just a fabulous team effort to celebrate our 40th with our friends and community in Durand and our friends who joined us from our bordering neighbourhoods. We are a small group, but we are mighty….I look forward to the next 40….

To Tim, Mark, (our movie crew) Susan, Graeme and the crew at Gorilla Cheese, and our live, local band, the Altobeelays….thank you for all that you do for community….this was the best ever….just a pleasure to work with you….

To Diane (Dent) and Herman (Turkstra)…thank you for coming and sharing your early years  with this amazing neighbourhood association….without you we would not have been celebrating last night…you set the standard for  those of us who have followed you….I hope we continue to make you proud of the Durand and what we do.

To  Councillor Jason (Farr)  and  Ward 1& 2 School Trustee, Judith (Bishop) ….Thank you for making this a “must attend” event.  Your support for the DNA and  collaboration to continue to make the Durand Neighbourhood the best place to live, work, and play,….and vision of the City….”to raise a child”…..could not have been more evident than last night.

And finally to  MP David ( Christoperson) I still do not know what to say…I am still trying to get my head around this…THANK YOU!
I am honoured to have been considered and awarded the Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Medal.
And of course, you are so passionate about community and your comments last night were inspiring and fitting for a 40th Anniversary Celebration of Community Service.

As Always,


PS:  Look for our Photo Gallery coming soon to the Events Page.