Durand 101 – Information Meeting (Oct. 20)

On Tuesday October 20, 2015  at the YWCA Seniors Auditorium from 6:30 to 8:30,  the Durand Neighbourhood Association and our Ward 2 Community Animators are hosting Durand 101.  This public meeting is open to all residents in Durand  and members of the Association.  It is a primer for those wanting to learn more about what we do and more importantly  to encourage citizens  to get engaged and either take a very active role or volunteer with an event or project that interests you.

Herkimer-Charlton Bike Lanes Update

On Monday, September 21st, city staff met with interested residents from Wards 1 and 2 to present changes that were requested for the Herkimer and Charlton original bike lanes of 2014. Thank you to Nicholas Kevlahan and Sara Mayo for their reports. For your information, they have provided a “background” document which describes the motivation and reasons for the requested changes. The DNA has approved the changes and is in full support. Bike committee members worked very hard to convince staff to adopt continuous bike lanes between James and Dundurn and a parking protected lane on the north side bike lane on Herkimer. Please see the complete report of the meeting and next steps. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until spring of 2016 for implementation.

Backgrounder and Meeting Update:
Bike lanes background
Bike lane meeting summary

DNA Submission on Beasley Parking Lots – Letter to Spec

September has been a busy month for Hamilton’s surface parking lot developers. While cranes emerge from our skyline, bringing new housing and employment to the core and building the city up, on opposite sides of downtown, two City-led fights are being waged to save prime land and a heritage home from being paved over with asphalt. Read the entire DNA letter to the spec: Spectator Submission Parking our Potential