New Horizon Homes Revised Zoning Amenment – call for Community Input

Hi Duranders,
Please review this letter – the Notice of Revised Application to amend the zoning bylaw, which New Horizon Homes has submitted in order to build their third tower. This application is for changing the development from 4 storeys to 11 and not from 17 storeys to 11 as the letter states.

As per the letter, comments on the development are due by Dec. 12th and we also encourage you to contact:

Jeff Paikin,
Councillor Farr,
Edward John,
and of course the DNA,

and make your opinion known.

We encourage you to read a brief history on New Horizon Homes (City Square) issues.  The old version of the rezoning application can be found here.


5 Responses to New Horizon Homes Revised Zoning Amenment – call for Community Input

  1. This is beyond ridiculous!
    New Horizons Homes should be made to honour their original application for 4 stories. They are ruining this neighbourhood with these concrete monstrosities.
    Greed is clearly the driver here.
    Lets try and save what is left of our beautiful neighbourhood!!!

  2. It is disturbing to see that the developer has used deceptive (dishonest)wording in his second zoning amendment application. As he pointed out to us at the public meeting earlier this year, there is no way that he will stick to what he claims to have been the initial plan of four stories: “I guarantee you, it won’t happen”, he said. One way or another, he will eventually get what he wants. Money talks.

  3. I suppose that the goal of this version is to be a “compromise” between 17 stories and 4. I also suspect that was the original intent — to get something like 10 stories.

  4. This is great! Sustainable development in our community! Thanks Horizon!

  5. It’s incredible and disappointing that the developer can thumb his nose at what he agreed to in buying the Thistle property and still have some credibility at City Hall. He says quite proudly that he “NEVER planned only 4 storeys” – and that’s acceptable? This is taking intensification to an unwelcome extreme. Many neighbours bought nearby properties, thinking they were aware of what was to come, and will now lose some quality of life and some money.

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