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45th Anniversary Celebration – June 24th


Ta da!  Thanks to Meaghan Carrocci for all of her hard work and patient listening to input from committee members.  We hope you like our logo for the 45th Anniversary celebration of the Durand Neighbourhood Association.

In case you are new to the neighbourhood, the date for our celebration is June 24th starting at 1 p.m. in Durand Park.  You will enjoy:  Displays, music, vendors, face painting, balloon animals, and much more.  Hope to see you there!



Updates: 1 St. James Place/ Transportation Master Plan/ CATCH article/Central Presbyterian Church

Hello Durand Neighbourhood members!

Winter has finally arrived in the Durand Neighbourhood! Although it’s a big adjustment in temps, we have to remember that last year was even COLDER at this time.   It’s unlikely we will manage a Durand Park ice rink this year as the park is still under construction, and the fencing is still in place. Next year we will have a really nice, level surface to flood for the enjoyment of all of the big and little skaters in our neighbourhood.


On December 9, 2015, Council refused Heritage Permit Application HP2015-039 to demolish 1 St. James Place. Shortly following notice of Council’s decision, the owner submitted a new Heritage Permit application once again requesting Council approval to demolish the house. The application includes new analysis and information not included in the first application.

Staff have begun processing the new application and it is anticipated that it will be reviewed by the Heritage Permit Review Subcommittee on January 26, 2016 (5 p.m. meeting at City Hall) and by Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee on February 25, 2016 prior to consideration by Planning Committee and final decision by Council. If interested, please attend the January 26, 2016 meeting.


If you haven’t already done so, please visit the City of Hamilton website to complete the Transportation Master Plan survey. Here is a link to the survey:

The survey is open until January 29, 2016. Have your say on this very important topic.


The Useful Knowledge Society of Hamilton presented an interesting topic in November by Dr. Pamela Blais illustrating a method by which our city could raise more money, and encourage infill development, by adjusting development charges. See more on this on the CATCH website:


Central Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Caroline and Charlton in central Hamilton will be celebrating their 175th Anniversary during 2016.

On the third Sunday of February 1841, a small group of twelve people gathered in a school house in Hamilton awaiting the news that the Missionary Presbytery of the Canadas had approved their petition to become a congregation in their own right, and Central Presbyterian Church (then called The United Associate Church of Hamilton) was constituted.  Today, that church, nestled within the dignified Durand neighbourhood has grown in number, encompassing an active and eclectic congregation well known, in particular, for its music ministry.

Throughout 2016, the congregation will be remembering our past with thanksgiving, our present with gladness, and our future with hope and intention.  The theme for the celebration is taken from Proverbs 24:34…”Know also that wisdom is like honey for you: if you find it there is a future for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”     This historic occasion will be celebrated with various events and projects during the year. Friends and neighbours in the community are invited to join in these celebratory festivities which will be announced as the year progresses.

For more information, contact the church office at 905-522-9098, or visit

Durand Park Revitalization / “Durand 101” Information Meeting / Built Heritage Update / AGM

Hello Duranders,

Fall is here, school is back and we may find ourselves somewhat busier than we were a few months ago.  The DNA is no different and there is much going on in our neighbourhood; here’s a start with our top 4 fall projects to get your feet wet.

Durand Park Revitalization

The Durand Park Revitalization is underway and work will continue until November and then resume in April 2016. Alpine Green Landscaping will start with grading of the open space which will allow for our ice rink to be operational once we get snow.  They will then continue to move from south to north and the last installation will be the splash pad.  We have been assured that this will be operation for our youngsters in June.  Please see the link below for more information:



“Durand 101” – Learn about your Neighbourhood

The Durand Neighbourhood Association in partnership with our Ward 2 Community Animators will be hosting “Durand 101”.  This session is open to all Duranders, but is geared to those who are new to the community or those Duranders who are not members but  would like to learn about the Association, join and or take a more active role.  The date will be in October (still to be determined) and will be held at the YWCA on MacNab Street.  Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Durand Built Heritage Inventory.

Staff and ERA Architects have completed Phase 1 of the project which included identification and analysis of primary and secondary sources, studies and all other relevant information (photos, maps, etc. ) regarding the origins and evolution of Durand as well as preliminary field investigation and identification of the Durand sub areas.

Phase 2 includes a public consultation to prepare a Historic Context Statement.  This meeting will be held in early November.  Duranders will be asked about their perceptions of Durand, how the area is used and the places and areas that are valued by the community including those of social and cultural value.  This will lead help to develop the Historic Context Statement which will include a historical overview, thematic analysis , the attributes of each sub area and citizens comments gained from the public consultation.

We encourage you to come to this very import session to help us develop our Built Heritage Inventory. Date and location TBA.

You can begin your participation now by completing the Durand Neighbourhood Survey.

SAVE THE DATE: Annual General Meeting (Nov. 17, 7 – 9 pm)

The Annual General Meeting usually held in October will move to mid November.  The tentative date is Tuesday, November 17th, from 7pm-9pm.  The location is also still pending.  However we have a very special presentation on a very interesting and important project that we are working on to better preserve our Durand neighbourhood.

TD Friends of the Environment announces $25,000 for upgrade of Durand Park, Durand Movie Night

TD Friends of the Environment announces $25,000 for upgrade of Durand Park

TD Friends of the enviornment are not just buidling pop-up parks like this one beside lister block that was up until Friday:

TDFEF-2They are also donating money for enhancing existing parks.  Recently they announced $25,000 for upgrades in Durand Park.

DNA President Janice Brown sent a letter to TD organizers expressing her thanks for choosing the Durand. You can read her letter here: Thank you to TD Foundation for $25,000 grant. For more informaiton on the Pop-up projects and community funding see the TD FEF website.

Durand Movie Night: Save the Date!

Join the Duran on Saturday September 19th from 5pm to 10pm at the HAAA Grounds for an outdoor screening of Big Hero 6. Please note the location change to HAAA while Durand Park is being revitalized.

Durand Movie Night


100 in 1 Day – Thank you to Duranders and photo round up

100 in 1 Day – Durand thank-you and Round up

Its been over a week and we finally have some great pictures and statistics on the big day! Thank-you to all Duranders, especially the 100 of you who came out to support our various activies including: the park clean-up, bee hotel making demonstration, Heritage Past and Present walking tour and the alleyway walk. As well, thanks to those of you who submitted photos for our Durand in Pictures and those of you who learnt about the SoBi Bikeshare program at Durand Park.

100 in 1 Day Hamilton

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You joined over 5000 Hamiltonians who participated in 120 urban interventions that were taking place across the City.

Special thanks to Janice, Wes, Chris, Christine and Peter who helped make our June 6th events a great success. Janice and  Peter led the Heritage Walk, Wes led the SoBi demo and alleyway walk,  and last but not least, Chris and Christine worked hard to plan one of our most successful neighbourhood and park clean-ups ever. We would also like to thank the 30+ volunteers who helped make our clean-up so successful.  Thanks to all of you!

Here’s a roundup of some amazing urban interventions that took place across the city.

Check out this Projexity article on some of the best interventions that took place across the country.