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Mark Your Calendar!

We hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying the hot, humid weather!  This was a good year to have the splash pad open at Durand Park.

Mark your calendar for the following upcoming events:

August 24 – PED ride.  Alissa Golden, Heritage Planner, will lead a bike ride through the Durand neighbourhood, sharing interesting history and details about our neighbourhood. Meet at Park and Hunter at the Sobi station at 6:30 p.m.

September 17 – Movie night in the park.  Join us for a showing of the Minions movie.  The movie will start about 8, but come early to reserve your space with your blanket, have your face painted (kids only), and eat a hot dog or two.  Popcorn, face painting and movie are free!

October 18 – AGM – an important meeting for the upcoming DNA year.  Join us at 6 p.m. at the YWCA on MacNab Street.  Meet your neighbours and hear updates about the latest in our neighbourhood.

October 29 – Durand Park Halllowe’en – Costumes for kids and adults most welcome — starts at 5:30 p.m.  More details to follow!


In case you missed it, Hamilton is rolling out pedestrian cross-overs in key locations in Hamilton.  One of those locations is at Queen and Herkimer, a notoriously dangerous crossing for pedestrians.  Read all about it at:  Spec article These pedestrian cross-overs mean new rules for drivers and pedestrians.  We can all adapt our behaviours to the new rules, just as we do when we drive in a foreign country.  Pedestrians will have to exercise caution as well — the goal is to have everyone arrive home safely.

PlanLocal and Bike Lanes

Duranders, we’ve been asked for our project submissions and now is the time to vote for your top priorities. Help Spend $1 Million on Safer Streets in Your Community! Councillor Jason Farr has dedicated $1 million to improving street safety in your community and he needs your help! All Ward 2 residents, including kids, can vote for the safe street projects in their neighbourhoods. You can vote online at planlocal.ca/ward2/vote or in person at one of our voting stations.  This weekend, additional voting stations are available, including Durand Coffee and House of Java. Safe Street Projects The full list of projects is available on the PlanLocal website or at any voting station. Voting is open until Thursday, June 30th. Don’t delay, vote now and make your streets safer! CHARLTON/HERKIMER BIKE LANE INSTALLATION STARTS SUNDAY – Here are some important details

Hamilton, ON – June 23, 2016 – Starting the evening of Sunday June 26, the City of Hamilton will be installing bike lanes along Charlton Ave. and Herkimer St. between James St. S. and Dundurn St. The work involves the installation of new pavement markings and signs on both roads as well as minor improvements to the traffic signal at Charlton Ave. and James St. S.

The project is expected to progress westerly along Charlton Ave. starting at James St. S. and then moving to Herkimer St., starting at Dundurn St. and progressing easterly. The work is anticipated to be completed within two weeks, however available resources, inclement weather and on-street parking could impact timelines.

Temporary overnight parking restrictions will be in effect on road segments scheduled for painting that night (no parking overnight 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.). For road segments with parking on both sides of the road, parking will be permitted on one side of the road and then alternated the following evening. The temporary parking restrictions should only be in effect for two evenings at most per road segment. All efforts will be made to minimize the on-street parking impact during this work. Parking will be permitted throughout the day and on weekends as per parking signs.

All pavement marking work will take place overnight. While this work is generally not disruptive, residents may hear some activity while the work progresses. All other work, such as traffic sign installation, will take place during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

While all efforts will be made to minimize disruptions, the City of Hamilton’s Public Works department thanks the public for its patience and understanding during the completion of this work.


Safe Streets and $1 million

Many Duranders talk about the issues of traffic in our neighbourhood:  Speeding, aggressive driving, near-accidents and accidents at high speed.  This year we have a chance to do something substantial about our streets, and the deadline for submissions is fast approaching.  Jason Farr has made $1 million available from Area Rating funds to address specific locations in Ward 2 where traffic safety is a concern.  Please take a moment (and it literally only takes five minutes) to submit your top idea(s) and suggestions for locations where traffic calming is most needed.  This photo shows some locations where Duranders have identified a “hot spot”.

durand map for plan local

You can view this map and add your own red dots at 294 James Street North and/or submit your location with the online form.  Locations with the most submissions will make it onto the ballot for voting at the end of June.  We need everyone who has a concern about traffic in the Durand to speak up!  Submit your ideas so that our voices can be heard.

PlanLocal: Safer Streets for Ward 2

Councillor Jason Farr has committed $1 million this year for projects dedicated to safe streets.  The funds will be disbursed in a participatory-democracy style vote at the end of June.  We all want safer streets in the Durand neighbourhood and throughout Ward 2.  Our engaged residents and members will want to have their say.  Durand Neighbourhood Association board member Wesley Jamieson is representing the DNA on the Advisory Committee for PlanLocal.  Thanks so much to Wes for his dedication of time and effort for this important community initiative.  Here are the details:

IDENTIFY your unsafe street locations and solutions

·       Kick-Off Event April 26, 294 James St. N. Open 7-9:30pm

·       Identify locations and submit your ideas from April 26 to May 16, 2016

·       Online at www.PlanLocal.ca/Ward2/

·       In person (locations to be announced)

VOTE for your top safe street solutions

·       End of June

·       Online at www.PlanLocal.ca/Ward2/

·       In person (locations to be announced)

BUILD safer streets in Ward 2

·       The most popular solutions will be submitted to city staff and added to construction plans for the coming years.

For more information, contact president@durandna.com

Hamilton Transportation Summit 2012

April 5th, 2012 (Hamilton, ON)
This year’s summit focused on the concept of ‘complete streets’. Complete Streets are defined as follows: Complete Streets provide for all road users – pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motorists of all ages and abilities. This is exactly what the DNA has been advocating for years and it was a great inspiration to hear speakers explain how this has been accomplished in many jurisdictions. Greetings were made by the Public Works General Manager, Gerry Davis, Ward 1 Councillor, Brian McHattie and the Medical Officer of Health, Elizabeth Richardson.

It was clear from all the presentations that there is an urgent need for more active transportation options for all citizens. These have advantages from every perspective and are being adopted in more and more cities and towns. They mean better and more transportation options, improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists, reduced traffic congestion, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, more walkable and therefore more livable communities and the stimulation of economic growth with increased shopping activity, sales and property values. Also, as the Hamilton Medical Officer of health made clear, an active lifestyle – more walking, cycling and use of public transit – is critical to combatting the epidemic of obesity which is bringing catastrophic health costs and shortening of life.

The keynote speaker, Dave Cieslewicz, former mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, outlined how his city, about one half the size of Hamilton, achieved a gold level in complete streets in relatively few years. He has spoken numerous times on the subject and gave a precise description of the process and how to make it happen. Later speakers such as Councillor Diane Freeman of the city of Waterloo described what they have done and will do to make a transition to complete streets, although, as she commented, not everyone will be won over. She noted that she had no idea there were so many traffic engineers in Waterloo until she presented plans to change one road! I was also struck by her explanation that improving the road also would save millions of dollars in maintenance costs over the next 20 years – quite a benefit by any standard.

The luncheon speaker, Peter Lagerway, Senior Planner for the Toole Design Group in Seattle gave an excellent talk on what needs to be done in street design to make it safe and attractive for cyclists and pedestrians. It is interesting that he said the most important thing to get right is safety. For example, a good bicycle lane is one you would be confident that an 8 years old could ride on without danger. He also stressed that street design was critical. Cars will always move at the speed that the road allows. Speed limit signs do not work to guarantee compliance. I thought of Hunter and Bay Streets by Central School, the Queen Street speedway and other one way, multi-lane streets that we have identified as dangerous in the Durand Neighbourhood!

Hamiltonians should, however, be pleased with much good work that has been done by our city. We took a walk with Lagerway in the downtown and saw many areas where good changes have been made to make the streets better and more attractive to pedestrians and cyclists. There remains a lot to do but he advised that it is important to give credit as well as complaints.

I left the conference feeling confident that Hamilton can and will continue to improve our city and really achieve ‘complete streets’ in the foreseeable future. I see that on June 6 and 7 Hamilton will host the ‘Transforming and Revitalizing Downtown Conference’. The conference has a lineup of excellent speakers who are focused on the various elements of how to achieve the transformation of the city centres. This is another indication of just how serious and immediate the need is to transform our city.

Dennis Baker (DNA Board Member)