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PlanLocal and Bike Lanes

Duranders, we’ve been asked for our project submissions and now is the time to vote for your top priorities. Help Spend $1 Million on Safer Streets in Your Community! Councillor Jason Farr has dedicated $1 million to improving street safety in your community and he needs your help! All Ward 2 residents, including kids, can vote for the safe street projects in their neighbourhoods. You can vote online at planlocal.ca/ward2/vote or in person at one of our voting stations.  This weekend, additional voting stations are available, including Durand Coffee and House of Java. Safe Street Projects The full list of projects is available on the PlanLocal website or at any voting station. Voting is open until Thursday, June 30th. Don’t delay, vote now and make your streets safer! CHARLTON/HERKIMER BIKE LANE INSTALLATION STARTS SUNDAY – Here are some important details

Hamilton, ON – June 23, 2016 – Starting the evening of Sunday June 26, the City of Hamilton will be installing bike lanes along Charlton Ave. and Herkimer St. between James St. S. and Dundurn St. The work involves the installation of new pavement markings and signs on both roads as well as minor improvements to the traffic signal at Charlton Ave. and James St. S.

The project is expected to progress westerly along Charlton Ave. starting at James St. S. and then moving to Herkimer St., starting at Dundurn St. and progressing easterly. The work is anticipated to be completed within two weeks, however available resources, inclement weather and on-street parking could impact timelines.

Temporary overnight parking restrictions will be in effect on road segments scheduled for painting that night (no parking overnight 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.). For road segments with parking on both sides of the road, parking will be permitted on one side of the road and then alternated the following evening. The temporary parking restrictions should only be in effect for two evenings at most per road segment. All efforts will be made to minimize the on-street parking impact during this work. Parking will be permitted throughout the day and on weekends as per parking signs.

All pavement marking work will take place overnight. While this work is generally not disruptive, residents may hear some activity while the work progresses. All other work, such as traffic sign installation, will take place during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

While all efforts will be made to minimize disruptions, the City of Hamilton’s Public Works department thanks the public for its patience and understanding during the completion of this work.


Safe Streets and $1 million

Many Duranders talk about the issues of traffic in our neighbourhood:  Speeding, aggressive driving, near-accidents and accidents at high speed.  This year we have a chance to do something substantial about our streets, and the deadline for submissions is fast approaching.  Jason Farr has made $1 million available from Area Rating funds to address specific locations in Ward 2 where traffic safety is a concern.  Please take a moment (and it literally only takes five minutes) to submit your top idea(s) and suggestions for locations where traffic calming is most needed.  This photo shows some locations where Duranders have identified a “hot spot”.

durand map for plan local

You can view this map and add your own red dots at 294 James Street North and/or submit your location with the online form.  Locations with the most submissions will make it onto the ballot for voting at the end of June.  We need everyone who has a concern about traffic in the Durand to speak up!  Submit your ideas so that our voices can be heard.

PlanLocal: Safer Streets for Ward 2

Councillor Jason Farr has committed $1 million this year for projects dedicated to safe streets.  The funds will be disbursed in a participatory-democracy style vote at the end of June.  We all want safer streets in the Durand neighbourhood and throughout Ward 2.  Our engaged residents and members will want to have their say.  Durand Neighbourhood Association board member Wesley Jamieson is representing the DNA on the Advisory Committee for PlanLocal.  Thanks so much to Wes for his dedication of time and effort for this important community initiative.  Here are the details:

IDENTIFY your unsafe street locations and solutions

·       Kick-Off Event April 26, 294 James St. N. Open 7-9:30pm

·       Identify locations and submit your ideas from April 26 to May 16, 2016

·       Online at www.PlanLocal.ca/Ward2/

·       In person (locations to be announced)

VOTE for your top safe street solutions

·       End of June

·       Online at www.PlanLocal.ca/Ward2/

·       In person (locations to be announced)

BUILD safer streets in Ward 2

·       The most popular solutions will be submitted to city staff and added to construction plans for the coming years.

For more information, contact president@durandna.com

Cannon Complete Street Mtg & Durand Park Thank-you

1. Complete Street conversion of Cannon Street

Jason Farr, Ward 2 Councillor, has organized a meeting for the complete streets conversion task force, focusing on Cannon Street.  The group will meet April 27 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. at Beasley Community Centre Dr. Davy School (Ferguson and Wilson).  Participants should wear appropriate clothing and footwear to walk along Cannon Street to note the changes that will be necessary to convert Cannon Street into a Complete Street.

2. Durand Park Clean-up Thank-you

We had a wonderful and successful community clean-up on Sunday. A big Thank You to all! It was great to see so many Duranders out in the park helping to beautify our community. We had over 45 volunteers both young and old pitching. Many new DNA members were in attendance as well. We cleaned all of the alleyways in the Durand and our park. What a great success! Stay tuned for more events in the park over the summer!


Durand AGM – Highlights of the Evening!

The AGM, despite last minute arrangements,  was a very informative and delightful evening.   A special thank you to the YWCA’s  Denise Doyle and Donna Corwyn and Maureen Scally from Councillor Farr’s office for coming to the rescue of the Durand Neighbourhood Association.  The Auditorium in the YWCA  in my opinion is one of the best venues that we have ever used and I can assure you we will be back.

President Sarah Matthews highlighted the activities  of the past year paying particular attention to our 40th Anniversary celebrations, our Durand Park Clean ups  and the launch of our new website and  connecting to social media with Facebook and Twitter.

Sarah reviewed events scheduled for the upcoming year, including skating parties, snow hopefully, the return of the Grand Durand Garden Tour June 15, 2013, public meetings for Durand Park Revitalization and St Marks, and Participatory Budgeting planning meetings with Councillor Farr.  She asked interested Duranders to contact Councillor Farr’s office for details.

And lastly, she stated that the DNA continues to monitor development, property standards, Hess Village and the Casino.  The DNA does not support a downtown location.

Our crime manager Sgt Frank Miscione thanked the DNA for  its  ongoing positive relationship with his office and the HPS  in helping to  keep the community safe.  He explained  that his position is to act as a resource to allocate units and resources to the Durand Neighborhood as required.  He heads up  COAST, a crisis intervention program,  he works along with Councillor Farr on the Hess Village Liaison Committee and  also sits on the City Hamilton Housing  Security & Safety Task Force.

Traffic complaints  are  a priority.   This past August/September  over 950 provincial infractions were laid, mostly cell phones and seat belt non-usage. Theft from Autos continues to be a major issue.  There was  a large increase  from August to September. To deal with this, 10 plain-clothes officers working nights have been assigned in Durand, Kirkendall, Strathcona and Central. He reminded us that with Christmas coming soon, Break and Enters will  become an issue.

He ended by asking us to continue to report crime. If it is a crime in progress, no matter how minor, call 911.

Ward 2 Councillor Farr  informed  Duranders that the DNA and he meet monthly to work on neighbourhood issues and initiatives to make the Durand a better place for all and he is very supportive of our efforts.
He outlined how Durand’s portion of Discretionary Funds from Area Rating  would be allocated.  These include the Pedestrian Activated Light at Herkimer and Caroline, flashing yellow lights in the Central School zone,  and funds dedicated  for the Durand Park ‘s brick and iron fence as part of park revitalization.

He encouraged Duranders to get involved with the Study Group and upcoming Environmental Assessment of Queen Street that he and Councillor McHattie are heading up.   He advised that the Pedestrian Mobility Plan is to be released shortly and should help with traffic calming on Queen Street.

The Security and Safety Task Force  have been successful in getting   security cameras on each of the floors to help with ongoing issues at the City Hamilton Housing units in the Durand.

A new development on Park South (3 townhouses) is pending and  the Hunter Street bike lanes are coming.

Jason encouraged the DNA to support him and the YWCA and  join him in a tour and learn about their needs and ways in which both Council and the DNA can support this wonderful downtown facility. In closing he asked Duranders to get their concerns to him with regard to the Casino.  Q&A followed with Councillor Farr and Duranders.

And to make sure the work continues:

The Durand Neighbourhood proudly presents your 2012-2013 Board of Directors.
Dennis Baker
Janice Brown
Alfred Cheng
Dave Cherwerksi
Jonathon Dalton
Kelly Foyle
Anders Knudsen
Sarah Matthews
Frances Murray
Claudia Sheldrick
Peter Topolovic

Following the adjournment of the Business Meeting of the AGM, President Matthews turned the program over to Kelly Foyle.

Feature Presentation by Ryan McGreal on Two-Way Street Conversion, followed by panel discussion with Nicholas Kevlahan, Kelly Foyle and Jonathon Dalton.

You can view here:
Thank you to all for attending and for making the past 40 years such a success.