Appropriate Land Use and Development is a ongoing priority for the Durand Neighbourhood Association. Our goals include advocating for increased parkland, greening the neighbourhood by preventing unnecessary abuse of paved parking pads and illegal parking lots, working with Municipal Law Enforcement to enforce property standards, supporting adequate affordable housing and ensuring new development design respects the architecture and heritage of the Durand neighbourhood.

Radial Separation & Domiciliary Housing – Ward 2 Community Council Revisits the By-law

In 2001, the City of Hamilton passed a by-law for radial separation (300 metres) and a moratorium for domiciliary housing (residential care facilities) in Wards 2 and 3. The Association and Ward 2 Neighbourhood Associations currently revisited this issue and following meetings with our Councilor and housing and health  professionals, the Association agrees that this is a very complex issue.  We will continue to investigate and work towards satisfactory options for all. Ward 2 Corktown neighbours are opposing Charlton Lynwood Hall’s request for a zoning change to allow their facility to move into Corktown even though it does not meet the radial separation by-law of 300 metres.  Councillor Farr supports Corktown.

Hamilton City Housing

Problems continue to persist. However, Councillor Farr, Crime Manager Sgt Miscione, Durander Graham Cubitt, residents from the buildings and city staff have all come together to address the problems and to improve the quality of life for the  residents of Hamilton City Housing.



The City is in the process of developing an ‘Alleyways Management Program’ in order to inventory and manage the 90 kilometres of alleyways in the city. The program includes the development of management standards and an alleyways closure protocol. The DNA is strongly opposed to any closures of alleyways in the Durand. We are advocating for minimal maintenance standards so that the cost of management does not become the basis for closure of alleyways. Alleyways are important public space that should be for all to enjoy.


Parking Lots



City of Hamilton Zoning By-laws Brochure

Parking Lots

Thistle Club Development


Severance of 41 Inglewood