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A resident of Durand recently contacted me about extensive tree-cutting on a property near the escarpment. She learned, after contacting the City, Hamilton does not have an urban tree-cutting bylaw or urban forest management plan. An urban forest advocate has told me that Hamilton is sometimes used as an example of what not to do for urban forest management at Ontario conferences.  This is not something to brag about.

We are losing some of our tree canopy because of storms and disease.  On the small block where I live on Caroline, we lost four trees due to storms or disease over the past four years, and only one has been replaced.  The street looks bare because of this loss of tree cover.  The good news is that you can get a free tree!  Yes, the city will supply and plant a tree in an appropriate spot — you just have to contact them at the link below.  If a tree is planted on your property, you will need to take care of it for a couple of years (this year has been hard on trees, even mature specimens), but the tree will reward you with shade and added value to your house.

We are going to be talking extensively about character in the Durand for the next year or so, and street trees are a big part of the character in this neighbourhood — part of our natural heritage as our beautiful architecture is our built heritage.   Consider having a tree planted on your property.  Go to the handy web form here

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  1. I think that it would be great if the Durand NA spear headed trying to get a tree by-law passes for the city. We were very upset a few years ago when a magnificent old tree was taken down by our backyard neighbours and there was nothing that could stop them. both Ottawa and Toronto put in good tree by-laws after they suffered from ice storms as they did nt want their tree cover to disappear. They can be looked at and take the best from them. I think that Jason Farr would be on side.
    Hamilton tried for a tree by-law awhile ago, but put the rural areas in as well and the people who ownd tree lots were very against such a by-law so it was voted down. A tree by-law should just be for the city proper and not the rural areas of Hamilton.

  2. We love trees in Durand but the City is cutting so fast this year with essentially no warning to anyone close by yet if someone wants to do a little improvement on a building then there is a huge regulatory framework to jump thru Why this double standard? The next time the City wants to cut a huge tree in Durand let it consult with the neighbourhood association first and then see if there are any alternatives Thx for the article

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