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As you may be aware, Lamb Corp is planning to build two towers, 30 and 40 storeys, on the CHCH site at Caroline and Jackson.  The total number of units is planned to be 618 — a huge number for this relatively small infill property.

The proposed design with two glass towers, has been publicized extensively in local media and on the display signs on the property, and Lamb Corp has gone so far as to set up a sales office with floor plans and pricing.

Rendering of Television City in Hamilton, Ontario. (CNW Group/Lamb Development Corp.)

Rendering of Television City in Hamilton, Ontario. (CNW Group/Lamb Development Corp.)

All of this has happened without having an approved plan!

The lot is zoned D6, which calls for 15 metres in height.  The towers Lamb Corp are proposing will be 125 metres — quite a large difference.

You can read more about Brad Lamb’s plans for the site here:  Biz Magazine Sept 2017

The “deadline” for submitting comments is October 27, however, until a public meeting is scheduled, comments can be submitted — up to 4 p.m. the day before the public meeting.

Please submit comments in writing to: and reference file numbers UHOPA-17-27 and ZAC-17-063.  Please copy Jason Farr at:

If submitting by mail:

Attention:  Tiffany Singh
Planning and Economic Development Department
Development Planning – Heritage and Design Team
City of Hamilton
71 Main Street West, 5th Floor
Hamilton, ON  L8P 4Y5


5 Responses to Television City – Submit Comments Now

  1. They look taller than the escarpment!

  2. New Horizons tried to build Tower 3 with 16 floors
    They were turned down
    This new project is just a few blocks away
    They should be turned down as well
    The Durand Neighbourhood cannot handle all the cars from the visitors that these twos towers will generate
    Plus how long the streets will be tied up during this construction

  3. There is absolutely no transition into the neighbourhood, particularly to the east on Wesanford Place. This cul de sac is zoned Residential C Protected.

  4. Janice is so correct. The proposed development is far beyond the height of already standing apartment buildings in the area but what a shock with respect to Wesanford Place!

  5. Meltem Koseleci

    I’ve sent my comments to Tiffany Singh and J. Farr. Thank you for sending.
    We need responsible development for our neighbourhood.

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