St Mark’s Good News Story

At the General Issues Committee meeting on Wednesday May 16, Council unanimously approved the following recommendations for St Mark’s Church  and the open space:

  • That Tourism & Culture Division, in cooperation with the Portfolio Management Committee, complete the in-house feasibility study to operate St Mark’s as a cultural programming space to be administered by staff at Whitehern Historical House and Gardens as directed by Council in Report CS10-064.
  • That Staff complete stabilization of the building to prevent any further deterioration and bring it to usable standard.
  • That this project be submitted for the 2013 Capital Budget for Council’s consideration.

In addition to the above, there will be engagement with the Durand Neighbourhood and other stakeholders that will figure prominently in examining the feasibility of using St Mark’s as a cultural programming space.

You can see the full report on the City’s Website or here.

2 Responses to St Mark’s Good News Story

  1. That is a good news story that the church become cultural space. I take it that means for the city as well as the neighbourhood? As well as cultural space would the DNA be able to hold meetings there or a social event?
    Just curious if the space could also act as a “community centre” like other neighbourhoods have.

    • Hello Loretta,

      Jason will ask that the DNA be given a key so that we can indeed use it as a community space for the Durand…long time coming as we have been hosting monthly meetings in dining rooms of the Executive for the past 40years…Janice

      PS: I would like to involve input from Duranders…we would also like to become caretakers of the open space…

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