Say No To Downtown Casino – Please see this website

The Durand Neighbourhood Association encourages its members and community at large to visit this new website.  Here you will find documents and factual information that is not currently in the mainstream media or on the website for the City of Hamilton.  Become engaged in meaningful dialogue on this issue.  Be sure to visit the contact page to sign on and join those who are “Saying No to a  Downtown Casino”!

Please visit


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  2. Thanks to honest people in the City of Hamilton,we do understand that there are more things at risk than grubby casino money!
    The mayor should be ashamed of his underhand behaviour .Try working with people who want the best for our citizens ,instead of the others more concerned with lining their own pockets ! I am sure the council as a whole do know that they are not trusted , perhaps some fresh air needs to pervade ? A hayes

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