PlanLocal: Safer Streets for Ward 2

Councillor Jason Farr has committed $1 million this year for projects dedicated to safe streets.  The funds will be disbursed in a participatory-democracy style vote at the end of June.  We all want safer streets in the Durand neighbourhood and throughout Ward 2.  Our engaged residents and members will want to have their say.  Durand Neighbourhood Association board member Wesley Jamieson is representing the DNA on the Advisory Committee for PlanLocal.  Thanks so much to Wes for his dedication of time and effort for this important community initiative.  Here are the details:

IDENTIFY your unsafe street locations and solutions

·       Kick-Off Event April 26, 294 James St. N. Open 7-9:30pm

·       Identify locations and submit your ideas from April 26 to May 16, 2016

·       Online at

·       In person (locations to be announced)

VOTE for your top safe street solutions

·       End of June

·       Online at

·       In person (locations to be announced)

BUILD safer streets in Ward 2

·       The most popular solutions will be submitted to city staff and added to construction plans for the coming years.

For more information, contact

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