New Horizon Homes City Square

New Horizon Homes and City Square Corporation have posted a sign at the corner of Park and Robinson.

They are proposing “ to amend the zoning regulations to allow the construction of a 17 storey building, having 156 dwelling units, to be located at the southwest corner of Robinson Street and Park Street South.”

Please send your comments to both Councillor Farr and the Durand Neighbourhood Association regarding this new proposal.  The date of the Public Meeting has not yet been announced, nor has the Association received any notice of this new proposal.

The Durand Neighbourhood Association Board needs to hear from you!

We will continue to keep you up to date on any further information that we receive.

Janice Brown, President


4 Responses to New Horizon Homes City Square

  1. No more big towers dwarfing smaller buildings and homes in the neighbourhood please. Our aging infrastructure seems barely able to cope with the existing population density; witness our streets being dug up on a regular basis to fix yet another water main break. The initial plan was for a much smaller building at that site, was it not? If I recall correctly, this smaller building was promised in return for accepting a tall tower as the first offering in this development, the tower currently nearing completion. Some people would call this a bait and switch.

  2. Linda Miocinovich

    I am not happy with this new proposal to increase the number of floors of this building on Robinson to 17. I was on the Durand Board when Horizon worked with the Association and an agreement was struck to have both buildings be 9 /10 floors. This needs to be addressed

  3. i think it would be a mistake to continue to let “high-rises” be built in this charming neighbourhood……lets try to reserve a bit of the past, character and charm – so much of this has been obliterated already!

  4. Barb Henderson

    I am a new homeowner moving into the City Square Tower One in June. I was quite shocked to read of the proposal to amend zoning to allow a 17 storey building. My building is 9 stories and Tower Two was also to be 9 stories but grew by 2 more floors before sales of units in that building began so it is 11 stories. Never did I ever envision a 17 story building on our little plot of land. B. Henderson

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