Heritage Updates, Queen/Cannon 1-way to 2-way & “Yes We Cannon”

Heritage Updates in Durand
Ward 1 staff provide an update on various heritage issues in Ward 1 and 2 including June 25 St. Mark’s open house and the Gore District.
If there is anyone interested on working on Durand’s Heritage properites, please email president@durandna.com
Cannon and Queen Street 2-way Conversion Audit
Learn more about the “Yes We Cannon” bike lanes campaign (and take the pledge), and the 1-way to 2-way conversion walkabout/audit for Queen and Cannon on Councillor Farr’s website.
Residents have come together with Council Direction to determine the feasibility of converting Queen and Cannon from 1-way streets to 2-way streets.  They have also begun to encourage the City to build bike lanes on Cannon in time for the 2015 PanAm Games. A renewed interest in Sustainable Transportation initiatives in Hamilton parallels the enthusiasn accross the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to make major investments in a currently inefficient and under-funded regional multi-modal transportation stystem.

One Response to Heritage Updates, Queen/Cannon 1-way to 2-way & “Yes We Cannon”

  1. I am all in favour of bike lanes, but I cannot understand this obsession with ridding Hamilton of one-way streets. Other cities, such as Portland, Oregon, seem to function perfectly well with a network of one-way streets, even in the charming downtown.
    What is the rationale for this? It is fatuous to imagine that converting our city completely to two-ways will solve its traffic problems. It certainly hasn’t in my neighbourhood.

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