Hamilton Heritage Initiatives, Dangerous Streets & Values and Priorities Survey

A City Can’t Demolish its way to Success

We encourage you to read a good article in the spectator on heritage preservation. There is money to be made in bringing old, vacant or decrepit buildings back to life, but it isin’t always easy and it needs the will and commitment to do it!

Downtown Built Heritage Inventory Public Meeting

The City of Hamilton invites all Hamilton residents to a public meeting to report back and inform citizens about the Downtown Hamilton Built Heritage Inventory Study. Join us for an important meeting on December 2nd from  7 – 9pm at the Workers Art and Heritage Centre. All the details can be found here.

Hamilton’s dangerous streets?

The people being killed on our streets are the most vulnerable people in our society. They need to be protected – from us. Read all about it in a new Raise the Hammer article on the topic.

Hamilton Civic League – Values & Priorities Survey

I just wanted to provide you with an update on the Hamilton Civic League’s 2013-2014 Values & Priorities Survey as posted at www.CivicLeague.ca.
We have received over 500 online responses and another 250 or more paper copies since we started only 6 weeks ago. Without compromising the entire survey, I can tell you that 50% of respondents don’t want a casino anywhere in Hamilton and the majority do not support the City’s significant investment in the PanAm stadium.
If you have not yet completed the survey, it covers taxes, City employee salaries, poverty, child care, affordable housing, garbage collection, one-way streets, online voting, preservation of farmland, jobs & economic growth, term limits, tasers, community gardens, dog parks, public transportation and more. For some people, it represents a great way to learn what local government is all about.
We are seeking a representative sample of survey responses from within all 15 wards. Some wards are very well represented and others, not very well. Please complete the online survey and kindly continue to remind your network of contacts to do the same and to share it with their contacts. We are prepared to send a representative to a meeting to provide a brief presentation if an opportunity arises. Just let us know when you next meet.
We will also mail paper copies to anyone without internet access. Last but not least, if you know anyone who would enjoy knocking on doors to distribute surveys, then please ask them to  register online to volunteer at www.CivicLeague.ca.
Rob Ford and others have increased media focus on municipal politics, so I hope we see a huge increase in voter participation in 2014. Keep up the great civic engagement initiatives underway. It is the only way to ensure we build the type of accountable communities in which we really want to live.

One Response to Hamilton Heritage Initiatives, Dangerous Streets & Values and Priorities Survey

  1. I do not want the Pan am games, nor the casino. the latter would be the worst thing for this city that is finally showing growth in the down town area, and optimism for the city. Casinos here are a totally negative idea, and one that promises revenue, but the minuses outweigh any positive, if any exist. A fool’s paradise, I say.

    We also need a light at the corner of Park Street south and Charlton Avenue. This is as dangerous a corner as I can imagine, similar to the rediculous two way turn at the James Street and the Jolley cut turning lanes.

    Judy Hendry

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