Friends of Auchmar are Asking for Support

Many of you have asked how you can help to save and preserve the Auchmar estate.  Now is your chance!

The Friends of Auchmar has applied and been selected to take part in the 2017 THIS PLACE MATTERS Competition. THIS PLACE MATTERS (TPM) is the National Trust for Canada’s innovative crowdfunding competition that brings community members together to raise funds and awareness to save and renew beloved historic places, while generating community pride.

Our crowdfunding project is to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of the Dovecote. Our goal is to raise $50,000 and the most votes in order to win the crowdfunding contest. The contest with the most votes wins the $30,000 prize money plus all donations received.

Please Vote and Donate Soon. -The competition ends July 17th 2017.

People and organizations across Canada are rallying to restore Hamilton’s treasured Auchmar Estate — a 10-acre, publicly owned property built by The Honourable Isaac Buchanan in the 1850s.
Can count on your support?

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  1. Monique deWyk

    I will vote to restore Auchmar Estate. Hamilton has been ignoring much of it’s heritage buildings and estates for too long. The City is bound and determined to make this into a condominium city that is car centered. The staff will even agree. I have to say though that I was disappointed when I went on a tour during Doors Open Hamilton event. It would take much dedication and a lot of money to make it an attractive site.

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