Durand Park Ice Rink is Open!

As the temperatures warm up ever so slightly this afternoon, be sure to check out the great work of our neighbourhood volunteers who have worked very hard to give us this wonderful ice rink in Durand Park!  See you all there and be sure to bundle up, layer your clothes, wear hats and gloves, and keep a face mask handy.


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  1. I remember the frosty midnight solo clearing and flooding of the rink in the mid 70s. One night there was a 100 F. degree difference between my family in Naples , Florida and me on the end of the hose in the park. One year we had a cold snap that allowed the rink to keep going until March 6th since the temperature did not rise above freezing day or night. The rays of the sun eventually eat away the ice under the surface and that ends it no matter the temperature.
    The biggeat mistake I made at first was flooding too much with the water cascading north to Charlton and then freezing. It was not good for drivers or pedestrians. – Live and learn.

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